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Rock Solid Tips To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Rock Solid Tips To Improve Customer Satisfaction :

Doing your best to get the customer happy:

Everyone has been in a she people you’ve chosen to offer you a product or a service. And in most cases it’s the first call to theituation where it’s necessary to contact t company that gets us ragingly mad.  Having been on the receiving end of bad customer service, wouldn’t you want to restructure your company in a way that leaves the customer more satisfied? That’s why we’ve dedicated time to talk about customer satisfaction. Below are some useful tips that can get you on the right track.

 If customer satisfaction is so important, than why  are so many customers left unsatisfied ? Reasons could be various, but most of the times the solutions are pretty straightforward.

Listen to your client

No, really, listen. Don’t interrupt, don’t ask questions until the customer has finished with his explanation of what seems to be the problem. Even if the customer tends to repeat the same thing over and over again, interruptions would only make you (or your employees which deal with the clients) come off as rude and unpleasant.

Never risk ignoring a complaint

Most companies seem to think that when there is only one or two people complaining, their problems seem to be anomalous, and could be ignored as they’re merely a drop in the ocean.  While disappointing even one of your customers is bad enough, it gets worse when you look at the bigger picture – even if there are only 2 customers complaining, there are probably more than 10 who have the same problem but don’t feel the need to complain. They may not bother you, but they surely will choose your competitors over you. So take care of all the feedback you can gather.

Accept giving refunds, offer gifts in case you messed up

Nothing says “I respect you as a client” better than admitting your own mistakes , and offering something to cover up for them. This is an old management practice, but sadly, it’s rarely done by larger companies. When it’s obvious that you screwed up, that’s one customer potentially “walking out the door” and switching you for your competitors. Make sure you’re worth their time.

As for refunds – they should be offered because of the same basic principle. You should make it your goal to demonstrate that taking care for your customer’s needs is more important than hoarding your money for one single product or service fee. Sure,  you’ll lose one sale, but you won’t risk losing your reputation.

Have someone in charge of customer service

If you plan on really guaranteeing customer satisfaction , it’s best that you provide a particular person that organizes the whole process, instead of having someone who has lots of other tasks do this one.  Customer satisfaction is one of the reasons clients come back to your company and not someone else’s, be sure to have someone to constantly supervise your employees in terms of customer satisfaction.

Fix anything that makes your customers annoyed

This seems too obvious, but it should nevertheless be pointed out. Most of your clients will probably say they really like your company’s  services … “except for that one thing”. You need to find the  “one thing” and get it corrected at once if you don’t want to risk any problems and dissatisfied customers.

All in all , these are the basics , but they need to be applied into whatever business you are running accordingly. Take these simple truths, but make sure you implement them correctly if you want fast and good results.


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