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Windows 8 Best Features That Really Make A Difference

Seeing the innovative nature of Windows 8:

Windows 8 officially came out in October 26, but there was quite a lot of buzz about it long before. After many of the videos that Microsoft presented us with, there were long , thorough discussions on its functionality. Some predicted it to become the leader of the market, while others were not so optimistic about its future. And while it might be true that Windows 8 has a long way to go until it has such a wide and feature-full apps market and user base, it does offer some unique features that might push it to the top.

One of the central reasons why Windows 8 has caused so much commotion, is because it’s the first professional endeavor in creating an OS compatible with tablets, smartphones and PCs. Merging  the way we use both types of devices is clearly a step forward. And Windows 8 is so far the first mobile OS that offers support for multiple users. These features already have a strong impact on its likely success, but in this article ,we’re mostly going to discuss the mobile features it offers in order to compete with the big shots – Apple and Google.

Live Tiles To Replace Icons:

windows 8 featuresArguably the most promising feature for mobile , the ability to display vital information on the “icons” themselves makes Windows 8 the pioneer in ease of use.  This is particularly true for apps like calendars, stopwatches, newsfeeds and e-mail applications. Why hould you need to open up the entire app, when you only need to know whether or not you have something new in your inbox ?

Live tiles are a promising improvement, but yet we are certain that many will not like the notion, out of habit with the “old way” . That’s why Windows 8 has an option of turning them off, while keeping the system just as usable.

Gestures and Contextual (Semantic) Zoom :

The first actual version of Windows to fully and completely support gestures is Windows 8. Ease of use is greatly promoted with swiping form the left to start Apps or from the right, to start Charms. This is not the staple of Windows 8 gesture productivity, however.

An interesting feature is that if you try zooming out of your news tile, in the Start screen, you’ll get the categories of news. Different programs can have different interpretations of the zoom-out event that make your life easier, instead of leaving you to scroll until you see what you need. In this sense,  Semantic Zoom is definitely an improvement.

Reset and Refresh – the two options for restoring settings:

windows 8 features1

Ironically, Microsoft have seen the value of bringing the system back to the way it was just after the install. And though it’s not really re-installing , it serves the same basic purpose. The Refresh option will bring all your settings back to factory defaults, without erasing a single piece of data.  Reset, on the other hand,  will make sure to blast anything off your device, which is especially useful if you’re going to give it to a new owner.

Both of these features are available within several seconds, after 2 clicks or several taps.

Sharing made easy :

Through the charms bar, you can share with nearly anything. Sharing on social networks is made a very simple task,  and you can even share between programs!  In time, the system starts to recognize your sharing habits, and offers the options you use the most for sharing on top, so that they could be used easily. In a sense, it’s adaptive your personal style of use.

Snap View Makes Your Life Easier:

android app4

Snap view resembles tiling windows functionality,  similar to what you’ve probably used on your desktop. But this time , it’s done far better ,  yielding amazing results. Snap view gives a larger portion of the screen to one app, saving less for the other, so you can chat while you browse or watch a movie. Or you can keep the GPS navigation program on one side, with a music player on the other, so that you can get the maximum of your tablet.

In a sense, all this progress Windows 8 is making is fascinating. It’s left to the users to choose whether or not they want to adopt this technology. But in the end, its benefits will likely speak for themselves!


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