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Best mobile ad Networks list for publishers

How To Advertise Effectively And Gain From Advertisement:

To most people, advertising has become a dirty word, but at the end of the day, it’s what makes services which would otherwise need money – free.  Ignoring the fact that some advertising forms are very obtrusive, advertising is generally a good thing for us, and it has infiltrated nearly any media – from newspapers, through TV and radio stations, to the Internet. Even a rather new area as mobile advertising has now become crucial to the further development of the modern industry. But there’s a variety of ad networks available and they are what we’re going to discuss now. 

Most people go for the most popular option when it comes to these ad networks, basing their choice on the reported revenue of the companies. However, no one can really know what the revenue is other than the number reported, and fewer people think that maybe certain parts of the ad network’s functionality may benefit them more. So , going further with that thought, let’s discuss the best mobile ad networks available:

Airpush :


Targeted at Android users, this Ad network is beginning to look as the perfect choice for that market. But that’s not because they make some bold claims on their website about increasing the revenue with 10 to 30 percent, since that depends on the individual case. Rather, to support that claim, they offer a unique way to distribute ads – through the user’s notification tray, which is quite more engaging and likely to win some conversions. This makes it the ad network of choice for many fans of Google’s Android.

AdFonic :


This UK based company offers many features with its Ad Network, making it an ad network of choice for those who want to be able to specific lots of parameters to target the users. Between age, language, device type and OS, there are many other options to choose from, and that allows advertisers to deliver to many users depending on particular parameters, increasing conversion rates. It is one of the most successful ad networks around so far.

MobFox :


A statistically proven leader on the European market, MobFox is a recent entry in the Ad Network market, but has earned it’s name through providing many demographic targeting features, as well as a really high eCPM (which stands for Electronic Cost Per Mile, meaning the amount of money you get per thousand of views, without any action necessary , like clicking the ad). So far , MobFox has brought a lot of success stories on the European market, but not quite as many in Asia, which leads us to the next point.

Buzz City:


Due to the lack of any other networks that capitalize on the Asian market, Singapore based Buzz City has gained millions of impressions in that region. Spanning over the entire Asian market,  this ad network is most successful in India and Indonesia, as well as Vietnam , where mobile usage skyrocketed in the recent months, with a success rate of over 220%. Undoubtedly, If you’re doing businessin Asia, your best bet is this ad network.



The   obvious leader and favorite in the market, Google owned AdMobs offers lots of features to anyone willing to advertise on mobile. Serving ads to millions worldwide and providing ways to monetize your app , as well as to promote the app itself, it’s compatible with iOS, Android, webOS and Windows Phone 7, likely soon to be available for Windows 8. But what few of you probably knew is that it’s more successful with apple iOS users than Android users, which , ironic or not, makes it the best choice if you want to distribute ads towards iPhone users. To make a fair conclusion, there are probably hundreds of more ad networks that deserve our attention , but these are the most likely options to provide you with a good business opportunity, regardless if you’re paying to promote your product via ads, or you want to serve them with your application.

Startapp :


StartApp is new mobile ad network in market and is largest independent mobile search engine which is currently used by 20% of all android devices.It is integrated 7500 mobile apps.The company recently raised $4.3 million in venture capital and is likely to make notable impact on mobile industry and make app development more viable on global scale..

Still, make sure to choose your ad network wisely, and don’t fall for promised revenue – the best tactic would be to ask people who have actually tried them and have had success with them.

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