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Maximize your Free WordPress Hosting Options Today

There is no doubt among online bloggers today that word press provides the best blogging experience. With multiple beneficial features including ease of use, speedy upload of any information as needed, as well as the ability to create an even more user friendly interface through the numerous customization options, it will continue to be a favorite for many; the growing number of users signing up everyday attest to this. With all these advantages in mind however, you need to ensure that the platform on which you host your wordpress site is also as effective as possible, to maximize the benefits of all online user experiences. There are several comparisons and reviews done on the best possible hosting sites, and results have consistently brought out a couple of products as offering the best products, quality and consistency.

Most users in ranking the popularity of the different sites consistently look at their ease of use, as this makes the different between a good or time consuming, unpleasant experience every time you sign up. In addition to this, the additional features such as the disk space provided, domains allowed, bandwidth available as well as the ability to make your wordpress site a marketing tool by allowing for your own advertisements should be considered. Sites such as offer these additional features and much more. Another free wordpress hosting that is highly popular among users is, which offers 100 MB. Its only drawback would be the advertisements that pop up from time to time. It comes with a transfer rate of 3 GB. Freehostia could be considered an improvement on this free wordpress hosting site as it offers an additional 150 GB and a transfer rate of 5GB. It also has no adverts which often than not are considered inconveniences by users.

Most free wordpress hosting sties also offer script installers as part of the package, with Byet Host offering the widest possible variety, should this be one of your key requirements. If you tend to frequently change the theme of your blog, then you want a product such as Blogetery, with multiple themes as one of its most notable features.

Online reviews go a long way in helping you make the final decision on the preferred free wordpress hosting option out of several in the market today. Most bloggers and users are aware that an attractive theme as close as possible to the content itself will go a long way in directing traffic to a particular site. When making a final choice of this, consider those that have been consistently ranked as the best. Themes wit striking designs and colours that also creatively integrate room for any text and pictures to sit well have been noted. The InFocus theme, showcasing sleek modern designs is popular, as well as those that have a more natural look to them, and integrate aspects of the environment as much as possible. This includes the natural and Evolution themes. Clean cut imaging such as that used in the Gleam theme is also popular for imaging, as is the flexible chameleon theme, as the name suggests. The trim theme’s simple look, allowing for lots of functionality between images and text also comes out tops.

Users would sometimes like to enhance the software capabilities of their free WordPress hosting sites through the addition of plug ins. There are several popular options favored for their value addition capabilities, including monitoring the performance of your blog and number of visits, providing better control abilities such as distinguishing different users levels for ease of communication, putting up photographs, providing interactive platforms between the blogger and visitors as well as strengthening core functions. Popular plug ins with this regard range from W3 Super Cache, allowing for backup of all user information. WordPress SEO provided by Yoast is also among the most popular plug ins included on free webhosting sites for its capabilities.

Disqus, Digg and ShareBar allow for further visibility in the world of social media, through facilitating simple share and replication methods that enhance a pages visibility.
Plug ins allowing for easy access to related articles that keeps visitors on your site for a longer periods of time are also widely used. These include Related Posts as well as Popular Posts.

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