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The Most Popular WordPress Blogs Ever Created

WordPress is one of the most widely-used free blogging software today. It has a unique and lively content management system. WordPress offers a variety of plug-ins as well as an interesting template system. It has become famous over the years because of its up-to-date themes, plug-ins, widgets, and its multi-user and multi-blogging feature. Since WordPress is very easy to use, numerous blogs have already been set up but, which ones do you think are the most popular WordPress blogs?

The following blogs have been recognized by many because of the attention-grabbing articles they produced. The articles found in these blogs were filled with helpful tips on how to make your WordPress blog more appealing from installation to choosing the most appropriate themes and in making the most of its advantage. So, read on and be amazed by the most popular WordPress blogs. – If you are into finding the most attractive and functional themes, is the perfect blog for you. They have plenty of themes available which can be downloaded easily. If you are looking for a more personalized touch, they can guide you in making a theme of your own. They can provide tips on how to make an out of the ordinary theme which is best suited for you and your blog. – This site offers online tips for designers and bloggers. They have informative articles that can help you boost your blog as well as plenty of themes for WordPress. – This is an official site offered by WordPress mainly for those enjoy watching than reading. This facilitates learning than just plain reading. Tutorials are made available in video format which are more interesting. – This is another source of great WordPress themes and they also added a Tutorial section that most people find exciting. – This is another yet amazing source of marvelous WordPress themes. This is a design magazine which provides tutorials as well and has a section specifically made for WordPress. – This is a site for bloggers. In here, you will learn how to communicate to your readers in the most effective ways. You will be able to discover how to reach out and make people understand the message that you are trying to impart. – The Smashing Network has a collection of the most current WordPress articles and this site may hold the high quality themes you are looking for. – This blog is committed to WordPress so almost all the tutorials you’ll need to set up a WordPress blog will be found here. This is very helpful for web developers especially in making more attractive themes. If you are creating something from scratch, this is the site to visit. – This site is trying to develop the full potential of the tough WordPress platform. They provide several articles about how to make the most of WordPress especially working on its content management system than just considering it as a blogging platform. – This is a blog created for those who wish to know more about web design and they have helpful inputs regarding WordPress. – This is a WordPress design blog which houses many articles and artistic themes that might be pleasing to you and most readers. – Are you into blogging? Get some useful tips from this blog. Although the site is not regularly updated, they still provide quality information about WordPress and its tutorials. – If you wish to create a one of a kind WordPress blog, this is the place for you. They have new and exceptional tutorials that will help you give your blog a boost. – Unleash the ultimate potential of your blog by getting information and tips from They provide latest advice on how to effectively set up a WordPress blog and make the most of it.

There are still new and rising, high quality blogs out there but so far, these are the most popular WordPress blogs ever created.

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