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WordPress Optimization Tips: Simple Ways To Have Your Site Performing At Its Best

There are numbers of WordPress optimization tips you can follow for a greater website performance. Knowing the fact that this platform is extremely SEO friendly, there is a great chance of getting a spike in terms of visitors so it is important to maintain good loading speed. The speed of a site will encourage readers to visit the page on a regular basis. Listed below are some ways to get the best out of your WordPress site:

Look For Updates

Plugin update is a sign of improvement on a particular version that you are currently using. It is a must for you to check for the latest versions of the plugins that you are using from time to time. Getting latest version will not just make your site load faster, it will also allow better performance in terms of security. One of the best plugins that is recommended by the experts is Caching Plugin. There are two superb plugins that you can choose from, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Getting updated plugins can be considered as one of the top WordPress optimization tips that can be done, but it is also important to determine if these plugins are really important. There are numbers of plugins that are of the same use and installing them will just slow down your site. Remove plugins that are not that important or plugins that have the same use to the ones that are already installed on your site. This guarantees a faster loading speed and a better site performance.

Optimize Your Database

Some users of WordPress are hesitant in using phpMyadmin as there is a common perception that it is complicated. If you are one of them, try using OptimizeDB plugin this is a good alternative for phpMyadmin which you can use as a backup for your site and also a great tool to optimize your database. This is one of the WordPress optimization tips that are not usually being utilized due to its complexity but this method is proven to be very effective. It is also advisable to back up your database at least once a day; you can use WP-DB Manager plugin to execute this. You can also use Xcloner to back up your site, which should also be part of your to do list on a daily basis.

Compress Images

While quality of images you put on your site is important, you might also want to consider the time needed for loading a high quality photo. Readers would always prefer a fast loading site compared to a site that is very slow. Compressing images before uploading it on your site will definitely lessen the time for it to load and be viewed by your readers.

Always Check Before Installing

There are some themes that may contain malware or spam, so before installing any themes on your WordPress it is important to check it using Theme Authenticity Checker and Exploit Scanner. This guarantees that the theme you are installing will have a good loading performance.

Keep An Eye On Your Comments

Getting comments posted on your site is a sign that you are getting good numbers of visitors. But having a comments page can be abused by internet trolls as there is a big chance that they will just post random comments to promote a different site or product. Deleting unnecessary or spam comments will not just give your readers the idea that the site is well moderated, it will also help on the speed of your site.

Load JavaScript In The Footer

You should always apply the CSS at the top and the JavaScript should be located at the footer.

Get The Best Web Hosting

Doing all of the above mentioned WordPress optimization tips will not give you the maximum result if you don’t have a good hosting company. Investing on a company that can provide brilliant hosting service will definitely enhance your site’s speed performance.

Once you are done utilizing these simple WordPress optimization tips, you can check the speed using Yslow or Google Page Speed. You should be able to see a great difference compared to a site that has not been optimized yet.

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