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Top 10 WP E-Commerce WordPress Themes

This is a list of the top 10 top-rated E-Commerce WordPress Themes in the form that they were found in ThemeForest.

What is WP e-Commerce?

WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online.

DownloadShop – Sell Digital Goods Easily

DownloadShop - Sell digital goods easily, WP theme

For those who are planning to sell digital products, this might turn out to be the perfect theme. It has particular functionalities that make sales a piece of cake, it only needs a single .zip file on your server, and it has great support.

Mazine – A WP E-Commerce Theme

 Mazine WordPress Theme - A WP E-Commerce theme

Coming with a variety of useful widgets and an AJAX contact form, this pretty and well-made theme is definitely a good investment for your business.

RGBStore – Online Store WordPress Theme

RGBStore - Online Store WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, the RGB theme comes in either red , green or blue, and it’s a nice Web 2.0 option for a shopping cart product.

Phomedia – A WP E-Commerce Theme

Phomedia WordPress Theme - A WP E-Commerce theme

Although originally made for photographers, Phomedia can be remade to serve the purposes of nearly any e-commerce business owners. It has an animated sortable gallery, a clean style and an excellent contact form made with AJAX.

Tribeca – WP E-Commerce Theme

Tribeca WordPress - WP E-commerce Theme

This theme is actually a port of the popular and bestselling Tribeca for the Magento CMS. It’s basically a very high-quality theme, which is modifiable enough in terms of color, to suit your needs or those of your clients.  It’s simplicity just emboldens the importance and good looks of your products, creating a good image for your store.

Icarus – Business E-Commerce Theme

Icarus Business eCommerce Theme

Icarus is a premium business eCommerce theme, meaning that its for businesses, comes with great features for eCommerce and it is designed professionally , in order to resonate with a good online store.

Origami – WP E-commerce Theme

 Origami WordPress - WP E-commerce Theme

Whether you want to use this theme on WordPress Standalone , WordPress Multi or WP with E-Commerce, it will always work, which is why it is one of the most popular themes. It can be used to make a highly versatile store, due to all its well thought of features. It is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for a good theme.

Aventura – eCommerce Theme

Aventura WordPress - eCommerce Theme

Not only is Aventura minimalistic, it also offers responsive design. What is that, you might ask ? It’s the ability of a website to adjust how it looks according to the device and platform used to view it. This may be two different browsers, or two different devices – a smartphone and a computer for example. You’re also given unlimited color choices to tamper with, custom widgets and short code support. It is simply magnificent and powerful at the same time.

To implement better looks for mobile devices, you can also buy mobile-compatible themes, to make it easy for iPhone or Android users.

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