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Writing High Quality Content Fast, But Still Keeping it Good

Having your cake and eating it too – learn how to write good and fast at the same time

This probably sounds very controversial to you, especially if you’ve ever tried writing content with the mindset that it has to turn out good. Any fool can write articles that simply contain lots of repetition in 10 minutes , but few are up to the task of actually doing something worth reading in less than an hour. Exploring some ideas that will help you achieve writing fast and good are our top priorities in this article. 

So let’s assume that you need to have high quality content. The essence of having high quality content lies in the fact that we need to have done lots of research on the subject. We need to have lots of interesting information to tell the readers, and we have to do it in a way which is easy for them to read and understand. That’s what makes it so time consuming.

But there are still ways around the enormous time it normally takes to write an article:

  • Pick a subject you know well. This will save you from the hassle of confronting new ideas. If you have to write about something you are personally very aware of , that will speed up the process immensely and let you focus on delivering what you know in a good way.
  • Go full screen on your text editor. Kill all instant messaging or social networks. No Facebook , no Twitter, no Skype … no distractions. This is the time to fully immerse yourself in the topic and let your mind flow in the right direction. Having your focus on the content will allow you to do the same quality faster.
  • Plan accordingly and avoid writing exactly before the deadline. If you’re working under pressure, things tend to go even slower than normally. Panic ensues, and that panic is a distractor. If you write lots of time before the deadline, you’ll prevent lots of stress and will give your best in the process of writing.
  • Do batches of work.  Don’t write one article and then make a several hour break. Keep the inertia you have and you’ll be doing high quality articles in less time.
  • Get to know which time of the day works best for you, and work then. One of the benefits of web writing jobs is the fact that you control the working hours. If possible, write in the time in which you can have your full potential intact.

These are the five basic things behind retaining quality, but improving writing speed. Good luck with trying to get faster! And don’t despair,  if it doesn’t happen the first time around, you’ll eventually learn how to do it.


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