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20 Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals

Today, Linked In is the most popular networking website in business professionals . Almost every single business person across the globe is active at Linked In. Facebook plays the dual role i.e. for personal networking as well as professional relationships. So this site is widely accepted by every age group. Many of us actively exploit websites similar Twitter and Facebook to promote our businesses. And those of us looking to connect with more business-related contacts may turn to sites like LinkedIn to develop relationships with folks we have dealt with or may want to collaborate with.

With the growing use of social networking by business professionals, there is an increasing amount of social networking sites emphasized business users and meeting their needs. The following is a list of 20 social networking sites for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals that are worth a look.

business networking – is definitely one of the best social networking site for business professionals.It brings independent Business professionals together and they help each other succeed. – This site is helpful for business professional in all fields to are starting a new business. – Online social network for business professionals designed by entrepreneurs. – A business network from eastern and western europe with translation facilities.It connects professionals with different languages. –A business networking for sharing knowledge for business growth.It has around 600000 users and provides a free basic membership. – A professional network for sharing and marketing online business. –  It’s a social networking site which makes offline contact between business professionals. – It focuses on helping in making decisions for entrepreneurs and IT professionals. – If you need a partner for you business or need some help regarding your business this is a site for you. – Its undoubtedly the best business networking site we have today.It has a very large number of users who help each other in business. – Makes contact with other business professionals online. – A community made specially for small entrepreneurs and business professionals. – It works as a directory for business contacts.It also displays the recent business news. – It allows to sort users according to their interest,location etc. – works for exchange of ideas between business persons and entrepreneurs. – Works for marketing of your business and social exposure. – A business networking site with 7 million users.

Young Entrepreneur – A site for new business owners who are new in business world. – It contains professional directories,groups related to your business.

If you have some examples of great social site introduce it to our visitors it might help them.

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    Hi there !

    I have a problem with this accont that is on yur site,
    i see my picture but i don’t have an access to that account.
    another thing is: whoever using it is having more followers than the one that am using so please cancel that account bcoz is not mine or remove my picture b4 it’s late .

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  2. This list is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Some of them I’ve already signed up with, but I’m glad to find out about the rest. Thanks.. :)

  3. Hi thanks for sharing the list. I would like to add two more business networking sites. – Your Complete Social Business Networking Hub and

  4. Frank Richardson

    I’ve gone one Networking Net dot Net – and I’ve found it very useful for searching for business networking events. I live in Southern California and there are so many events but no one place to find them all. These guys only promote business events, which is exactly what I need.

  5. Thanks for a nice list, here is another good one:

  6. who is the founder of this website??

  7. There is a new player on the market: ‘The Working Playground’ connects people and businesses trough their skills, talents and interests. You can chat to experts and be inspired by success stories or share your own.
    In my opinion beIN can be next big thing!

  8. I have to add one more website to the list
    Wubb – Your Business Networking Hub , is the most happening social networking platform.

  9. I hope you don’t mind me mentioning a new informal social network aimed at homeworkers –

    They need you! Join for free and join a work team, the free lottery syndicate or hang out in the recreation area. Oh, and there’s lots more there too :-)

  10. you forgot to mention

    its a giant in India and present all over the world.

  11. There is another business site you should include. It’s call BizBuilt.

    They use the concept of a business card but it’s not like a paper one.

    You exchange your card with your network and connect like on a social site but the give you complete privacy control.

    The card has five tabs, one for your card image, one for contact info, one for files (selectively store and share files like drop box), a microsite (upload and link images together), and spheres (let connections see each other).

    Another cool feature is that you can make multiple cards from one account.

  12. Thanks Agnis for taking the time to make this list.

    As the Director of Community at Biznik, I am there to make sure you have an awesome experience networking with your peers.

    It’s free to create an account – drop me a tweet @mj_lawrence and let me know you created an account.

    Include #wpwidgets in the tweet and I’ll give you a complimentary ProVIP (top tier membership level) for 60 days, giving you an all access pass to the site and all its features.

  13. I now use to create all my business social media content. It puts much more focus on personality, value and creativity instead of collecting numbers of people. It’s Facebook’s more sophisticated cousin!

  14. I’m really thank you for these websites
    this is most useful sited for me thanks very much

  15. This sites are more useful for professional. If we like bloggers to submit our own account interacting with the community over there it will be an awesome SMO for our blog. While thanks for that list of useful blog urls.

  16. May I add another new website to the list? The name is Ask a peer

    Ask a peer is a live video platform that helps you build new professional relationships through exclusive online events.

    Our next event on Sept 11 will feature former McKinsey alumni helping with case interview preparation

  17. Another new site that needs mention is, it’s a “get back to basics” referral networking site.

    Stop with the socializing and get to generating real leads from a team of referral partners.

    Be sure to check it out!

  18. Artfield Investments helps pull in funding
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  19. Could anybody please tell me which is the best social networking sites to search US IT consultants?

  20. We are planning to launch a new online community for independent professionals…

    MyFriendDoesThat would like to become a powerful online community for independent professionals looking to expand their customer base. is a new online community that:
    • Connects you to colleagues, friends and customers
    • Gives you access to thousands contacts if you require a professional with a specific expertise
    • Gives you the possibility of recommending people in your network to a contact of yours looking for a professional for a specific job opportunity.

  21. business directory

    All this 20 Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals is boon for business networking.. sites are more useful for professional.

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  23. Hi, you got great list up there, thanks allot for all those useful social websites.

    Also, I recommend you this one
    it is a free social network sites.

    thanks allot mate ;)

  24. Thank for sharing, it’s very useful list.

  25. Very Nice and useful links for my project. Thanks

  26. Fantastic post thank you… I especially like the one… I’m in the UK so it’s custom made for me (I have just set up a company).

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